Many period frames come to us damaged in some way. Whether some of the casting is missing or the gold leaf has become tarnished we can transform your frames back to how they should be.

Our restorers will first talk through the restoration with you and identify what processes will be needed and give you an estimate of time and cost for the project.

We can cast any missing details and colour match them using our bronzing powders so you will not be able to see them. Any missing gold can be re-gilded and toned to match the original frame.

The whole frame will then be cleaned, waxed and checked over before it’s handed back to you.


Dull paintings tend to be the result of absorbing impurities such as smoke. Over many years the paintings’ varnish becomes dull and any contrast is lost.

By removing the old varnish and carrying out a light surface clean we are able to drastically improve the lustre of a painting. Each canvas is then carefully treated with a new varnish to protect your painting for years to come.

Canvases become brittle over time and can tear but don’t despair, we are able fix these too. By applying a canvas patch to the back of the painting we can mend the tear and carefully touch up any damage to a point you won’t be able to see the original tear. The example on the right is a recent commission which has been cleaned and the tear patched.